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Designing and Engineering

Quadratics team of architects and engineers, can turn an idea and concept into an attractive, flexible, quality design.

With experience in residential, commercial, and industrial design  (factories ), we develop a customized and cost effective solution to fit the individual project's needs.


Bathroom Pods

Modular bathroom Pod is a pre-engineer, pre-fabricated, pre-fitted bathroom and is delivered ready for installation with "Plug and Play" concept, meant for fast-paced construction industry.

This is the perfect solution for hotels, hospital, campus, residential buildings and etc.

Modular Toilet Pod is manufactured off-site and tailor made to client's requirements and specifications.

Remote Production Units

Quadratics Mobile Factory is a completely self-contained steel frame roll-forming production facility that can be located anywhere it's needed, especially in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.


Complete with all the equipment necessary for immediate production, Quadratics Mobile Factory is ideal for time critical jobs with efficient logistics and labor requirements.

The Concrete truck delivers on site all requirements for pouring concrete for walls and floors. The truck is designed to have all the equipment and material for  Nanocrete application for any application needed remotely.

Truck Benefits:

  • Reduce number of operators to pour concrete

  • Calculates the exact amount to be poured

  • Pre installed different formulas as per density needed

  • Truck can operate for 8 hours non-stop

  • Trucks can be deployed in remote areas

  • Reduction of site mobilization for equipment and materials

frame cad container_edited.png

Lightweight Concrete 

The integration of structural light gauge steel with lightweight aerated concrete with different types of cladding materials (lightweight concrete panels, fiber cement boards)  reduces construction time, cost and provides better fire and sound proofing.



  • Thickness 114 mm

  • U value 0.28

  • Fire rating  4 hours

  • MEP ( pre - installed )

  • Sound damping ( 56 dB )


Floor Screeding

By using Quadratics lightweight concrete floor screed and flat roof, it reduces dead load on building structure and provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, providing good strength for application of tiles or marble finishing. 

partition system.jpg

Partition System

Quadratics System can be incorporated and installed on a hybrid application, either with conventional or steel structure, to provide a light weight wall with fire proofing of over 4 hours an excellent sound insulation on a 12cm wall.  

The light weight specification of Quadratics Walls will not compromise the structure calculations of buildings. Also giving a solid feel (knock test) internally. It is a perfect material for hotels, hospitals, schools and office buildings. 


Light Gauge Steel 

  • Factory-Made Fast and Strong 

  • Problem Free Production 

  • Precision Manufacturing 

  • Safe, Clean Construction Site 

  • Cost Effective 

  • Durable and Aesthetic Buildings 

  • Rapid and Robust Production 

  • Lower maintenance costs 

  • Lower foundation cost

  • Modifications on design can be made in minutes and sent to production line within minutes after client approval.


Lightweight Concrete Insulation

Light Gauge Steel Drywall Partition with lightweight concrete infill provides a light weight, solid, over 4 hours fire proofing and sound insulation on a 12 cm wall.

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