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Mobile Batch Plants

Quadratics has designed a "Batch Plant on Wheels" which supports Quadratics Plans of remote locations by sending its trucks to the site with all dry materials and with the ability to mix and pour concrete (Nanocrete) at any density on demand. An innovative, time saving and efficient process with two operators and over 8 hours of non-stop production. These trucks minimizes the mobilization time and deployment of equipment and raw material on-site to immediately pour concrete up to 10 floors high. Quadratics holds the exclusive rights and designs for these trucks and its ready to supply concrete services to third parties as well as build and sell with specific requirements for any company requiring such efficiency.

Mobile Roll Formers

Quadratics has engineered the ability to transport its Roll Formers inside containers, ready to be deployed with all necessary equipment for immediate operation, as Generators, Steel Decoiler, Computer, Air Conditioning and 4G Connection to operate in any location Kingdom wide. These units are self sufficient and ready to start production as soon as dropped on site. A "Mobile Factory" can be implemented by simply covering the area with a tent. Quadratics also has the ability to deploy containers to be used as accommodation for its labors, spare parts and materials, storage and offices around the tent to supply the entire operations with labors, engineers and architects on site.

These roll formers are connected online, if any changes required on design, Quadratics has the ability to redesign and send the file to the machine for immediate production once approved by client. These changes are simply impossible to be implemented with any other construction system at such speed.

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