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Sustainable Revolutionizing Construction System, Efficient, Technology Advanced and Cost Effective...Anywhere.

Welcome to Quadratics Development, where sustainability meets technology. We specialize in fast and efficient construction solutions, utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality results. Our construction system combines light gauge steel and lightweight concrete, ensuring durability and energy efficiency. Whether you need housing or commercial buildings, our team of experts is equipped with special equipment to meet your construction needs even in remote areas.

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About Quadratics 

Quadratics Development, LLC., is a U.S. corporation, organized to provide technology driven, using structural Light Gauge Steel and Light Weight Concrete (Nanocrete) for a sustainable and innovative solution for the construction, transportation and logistics industries.


Quadratics has developed a line of technology driven solutions in different industries, from construction and mobile factories to transportation and logistics networks. Quadratics System is officially approved by a large number of governmental Ministries, Commissions and Entities.


Holding the distribution rights of leading technologies, Quadratics is positioned to develop, construct, supply and apply different systems for development of fast and green construction, transportation logistics networks and deployment of its mobile factories to remote locations.

Fast, Efficient, Energy Savings and Green Applications leads the business provided by Quadratics.




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Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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